Rose Gold Sands

Rose Gold Sands


“Rose Gold Sands” is a perspective changer, highlighting how colourful Dubai culture is, but also its urban and natural environment, resembling a surreptitious rainbow. 

The colour of gold is the colour of Dubai and you will never see so much gold in one single place as you will in the Dubai Souk. Nevertheless, the most graceful gold colour is the rose gold colour of the desert when the sun covers it in the morning.

This authentic fusion of strong lavender and iris, softened by the vetiver and the cedar wood is the apotheosis of power, prominence and finesse.


Top Notes: Lavender
Middle Notes: Iris, Ambrette, Pear
Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedar

Eau de Parfum – 100 ml/3.4 fl oz. Fragrance for man and woman.

Price: $119

Rose Gold Sands - Notes